Vivid & Taronga Zoo Show Us Animals Like We've Never Seen Them Before, And You're Invited!

Written by Alex Batorowicz on 10th June, 2016
Vivid & Taronga Zoo Show Us Animals Like We've Never Seen Them Before, And You're Invited!

Vivid Sydney has managed to pull off another incredible display this year - but it truly shines at Taronga Zoo with their lighted theme of 'Be The Light For The Wild'. Along with Centenary presenting partner ANZ, they have absolutely astounded the 20,000 people who have walked through Taronga since the beginning with its unbelievably spectacular light show.

Vivid at Taronga Zoo rolls on until 18 June, so it's not too late to check it out! Make the trip and bring the whole family because it is a night everyone can enjoy. Each animal is important and specifically chosen - your ticket purchase goes towards supporting these majestic beauties which are facing a critical risk of extinction in Australia and South Asia.

Let's explore a few of the 10 magnificent light sculptures you'll see while you're walking through this lighted wonderland: 

An enormous Platypus swims in mid-air... Nothing better to start off with than an Australian icon - such a beautiful iconic animal, which unfortunately is under threat from habitat loss, pollution and accidental capture in yabby traps.

The Corroboree Frog that actually ribbits... We aren't croaking, uhrm... joking! The sculpture makes the real mating calls that males make when they're trying to attract a mate. These beautiful creatures live in our very own Koszciuszko Park and they're threatened with extinction.

They also have some awesome international animal sculptures on display, like the Asian Elephant. Who doesn't love an elephant! These jumbos are so cute, but unfortunately also close to extinction. With these creatures being the biggest land animals it doesn't help that they're losing their homes!

You can find the full gallery, here.

Make sure you stroll through the spectacular laser garden and check out the moving projection display that pays homage to Taronga's Indigenous heritage while you're there, which is known to be breathtaking!

Join us in celebrating these beautiful creatures and Taronga's 100 year history. Help us, help them! Grab some tickets and come see this magnificent display that will be on till 18 June - you definitely will not regret this decision. There are limited Blue Passes left, which allow you to jump on the sky safari to veiw these unbelievable sculptures from the sky.

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