VIDEO INTERVIEW: Apollo Jackson used to be an emo?

Written by Sarah McManus on 31st May, 2018
VIDEO INTERVIEW: Apollo Jackson used to be an emo?

We got the chance to sit down with Apollo Jackson to talk about his transition into music, his new single, and his surprising emo phase!

First gracing our television screens in 2017 on Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette, Apollo stole the hearts of men and women Australia wide.

He has made a foray into many different things throughout his 24 years on this earth, including being a magician, a horse-whisperer, a body double, a DJ, and now a musician!

Check out the video below, and go listen to his new track ‘With You’!

A chinwag with… Apollo Jackson

We sat down with Apollo Jackson and talked about his transition into music and his emo phase.

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Watch the video clip for ‘With You’

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