Veronica Milsom returns to triple j as Alex Dyson waves goodbye yet again

Written by Tyler Jenke on 19th June, 2018
Veronica Milsom returns to triple j as Alex Dyson waves goodbye yet again

It’s set to be a rather bittersweet few days on triple j this week, with the announcement that as Veronica Milsom prepares to return to the airwaves, Alex Dyson is set to bid us goodbye once again.

You might recall how late last year, triple j announced there was set to be a bit of a shake-up in regards to presenters for a few months with triple j Drive co-host Veronica Milsom heading off on maternity leave. Well, now things are set to return to how they once were, with the first of these changes occurring this Friday.

As triple j notes, Veronica Milson is set to return to her rightful place alongside Lewis Hobba on July 23rd, after a few months away from the game. “I can’t wait to be back at triple j,” explained Milsom. “For me, the sooner I exchange baby spew rags for tune rags the better.”

Of course, with Veronica back on deck, this means that her Drive replacement Gen Fricker will be heading back to her old spot at Lunch, keeping listeners company from 12pm to 3pm each weekday.

“I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the intellectual tone and high level of discussion of the triple j Drive show,” Fricker explained. “Unfortunately, I didn’t take up that opportunity and will now live with the fact I spent the last nine months dumbing down the nation and spreading misinformation about Lewis. I regret nothing.”

With Gen Fricker sliding back into the Lunch spot, this means that one final change has to be made to the lineup, with Alex Dyson vacating his current role as the midday host as soon as this Friday, with Weekend Breakfast host Stacy Gougoulis taking over the role until next month.

“Alas, my 6 month role as lunch-time chair-warmer and tune-drizzler has come to an end,” Dyson explained to Music Feeds. “It was a lot of fun to be in the corridors of triple j again, but it’s time for me to head back to the air conditioning ducts of triple j and wait for someone else to get pregnant.”

Of course, this all seems a little bit confusing, so let’s throw down a quick list to make it clearer:

  • Veronica Milsom: Back co-hosting Drive from July 23rd

  • Gen Fricker: Back hosting Lunch from July 23rd

  • Alex Dyson: Leaving triple j this Friday

  • Stacy Gougoulis: Temporarily hosting Lunch until July 23rd

If you’re feeling upset about the fact that this week sees Alex Dyson leaving the airwaves once again, we can definitely take solace in the fact that his former Breakfast co-host Matt Okine says that he ‘wouldn’t rule out’ a return to radio some time in the future. So who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing more of ol’ Ratdog somewhere down the line?

Relive one of Alex Dyson’s finest triple j moments:

The article was originally published on The Industry Observer