Vera Blue Is Back With Some Red-Hot Tour Tix... You'll Be Green With Envy If You Miss Out!

Written by Alex Batorowicz on 23rd June, 2016
Vera Blue Is Back With Some Red-Hot Tour Tix... You'll Be Green With Envy If You Miss Out!

OMG, Vera Blue is back again and we can thank Triple J for that one... Thank you Triple J, what would we do without you?! We will be there with her, watching her sway that long fiery-hair while serenading us into a majestic trance. Watching Vera is like watching a modern day hip Rapunzel and we can't take our eyes off her, neither can anyone else!

This folky electronica song-bird of our time (yes, I had to quote Stepbrothers because she is that good) allows you to enter into her world of magic when she performs - it makes you feel like you're in another world. You can listen to her music on repeat and never get bored - this we can promise.

This headline tour is just off the back off her sold out 'Fingertips' tour, which pretty much revealed that Vera Blue knows how to keep the audience in the palm of her hand. She opened up shows for the one and only Matt Corby and opens for Broods this July - which is nothing to sneeze at. The excitement is too much and we can't wait!

Vera, being the legend she is, has explained Fingertips as: "Quite heavy, but it's really honest as well, it's about social media and unfaithfulness, and what that can do to people. It's written from the perspective of the person who was doing the wrong." We recommend listening to this addictive tune:

Her fans constantly beg her to move to larger venues because she sells out in a heartbeat - so if you're looking for tickets, be prepared to buy them quickly because you'll be fighting for them harder than Splendour tickets! And that's no lie, with two shows at Howler already sold out with a third now on sale and a second show announced for Oxford Art Factory, you need to get your mates together and schlepp your bottoms there because damn it's going to be a good time.

If you need another reason to go (as if you would) take a look at this awesome clip:

Time to buy tickets! Here are the links you need:

2 Sept | Howler - Melbourne | SOLD OUT!

3 Sept | Howler - Melbourne | SOLD OUT!

4 Sept | Howler - Melbourne | Buy Tickets

15 Sept | Jive Bar - Adelaide | Buy Tickets

24 Sept | Oxford Art Factory - Sydney | SOLD OUT!

25 Sept | Oxford Art Factory - Sydney | Buy Tickets

8 Oct | Republic Bar - Hobart | Buy Tickets

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