US folk band tries to go viral by performing in a Walmart, get kicked out

Written by Tyler Jenke on 14th June, 2018
US folk band tries to go viral by performing in a Walmart, get kicked out

One of the most surefire ways to musical success in this digital age is to go viral with a hugely popular video. However, one US musician has had his dreams of stardom crushed after attempting to perform in a Walmart before being kicked out.

You might remember the phenomenal success story of 11-year-old Mason Ramsey who, back in March, was filmed singing a cover of Hank Williams’ ‘Lovesick Blues’.

Ramsey’s video went all over the globe, and he soon became an Internet sensation, leading to an appearance at Coachella, and eventually signing a record deal. Needless to say, it’s a heartwarming story, and it appears that others have been keen to try taking the same path to success.

Now, US musician Brett Newski has tried his hand at fame. Having spent a number of years now honing his craft as a purveyor of folk-punk music, touring with big names such as the Violent Femmes, and touring internationally (including a series of Aussie dates back in 2016), Newski has scored himself a rather vast fan following.

However, it seems that the one place his music isn’t appreciated is in a Walmart store.

As Consequence Of Sound notes, Newski recently took to the blog on his website to share his experience filming his attempt at a “Dork Rock Bum Rush”, which aimed to show him performing inside of a Walmart store in the US state of Wisconsin.

“It is a sad day for rock n roll,” began Newski. “I have officially become the first documented indie artist to be kicked out of Wal-Mart for playing an unlicensed show.”

“On a lazy summer Saturday, my drummer Spatola and I decided it was time we made our Wal-Mart debut, playing an impromptu show for unsuspecting shoppers at America’s bohemoth buying warehouse,” he continued.

“Much to my surprise, 75% of people loved it, while only 25% hated our guts. Multiple staff members got pretty angry.”

Prforming his track ‘Can’t Get Enough’, Brett Newski was decked in a Dave Grohl shirt as he burst into the Milwaukee store in hopes of success. While the majority of people enjoyed his antics (including one gentleman who not only danced back to back with Newski, but also tipped him a fiver), staff actually appeared surprisingly sympathetic to his plight while telling him to wrap it up.

“Sorry you guys can’t film in the store,” an employee explained while Newski continues to perform. “I can’t have you recording inside the store,” another staff member explains. “You guys are recording people without permission.”

While Newski and Spatola did comply and leave the store, it appears he isn’t too disheartened with the result, as he’s already asking fans for ideas about where he should perform next.

However, despite the fact that he didn’t manage to go viral with this stunt, the fact remains that we are currently talking about him, so maybe he should chalk this one up as a win?

Check out Brett Newski’s performance of ‘Can’t Get Enough’ in Walmart:

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