Uber drivers strike across Australia this morning

Written by Geordie Gray on 6th August, 2018
Uber drivers strike across Australia this morning

This morning, tens of thousands of Uber drivers Australia-wide participated in a strike, protesting for fairer work conditions.

Uber drivers want the company to axe its up-front pricing system and revert to paying drivers for the actual time and distance they end up travelling.

Protesters also want the company to allow drivers to opt-out of UberPool without penalties and increase UberX rates by 15 percent. Those involved have called Uber to meet their demands within the next 10 days otherwise further action will be taken.

Drivers nationwide logged off between 7am-9.30am this morning.

A spokesperson for the protest had this to say:

“You have a multinational corporation which is exploiting drivers and customers get cheap rides and that comes at the expense of drivers who take home less than minimum wage. Uber never consults drivers. Uber needs to bring prices to sustainable levels.” 

Earlier this year Uber applied for a patent in the United States, for software that will develop the ability to detect intoxicated passengers using machine learning.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine