Twenty One Pilots are back with two new singles

Written by Geordie Gray on 11th July, 2018
Twenty One Pilots are back with two new singles

Potentially the most painful wait of our young lives is finally over. After a year long hiatus, a seasons worth of Law & Order investigative work and cryptic messages coming out the wazoo. Twenty One Pilots are BACK!

The band have just released the first single and accompanying music video off their fifth upcoming studio album Trench. It is called ‘Jumpsuit’ and you can listen to it below:

Watch: ‘Jumpsuit’ – Twenty One Pilots

This is the first new music that we’ve heard from the duo since 2016’s ‘Heathens’, which feels like a lifetime ago.

The band have also dropped a second track “Nico and The Niners”:

Listen: Nico and The Niners – Twenty One Pilots

What do you all think of the new direction?

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