Trent Reznor rips into Kanye West, reckons Ye “sucked”

Written by Geordie Gray on 23rd June, 2018
Trent Reznor rips into Kanye West, reckons Ye “sucked”

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has been ripping into every Tom, Dick and Harry over the past few weeks. Only a few days ago he was slamming the “Taylor Swift’s of the world” for not talking politics. Now the saltiest man in music has given his opinion on Kanye West.

In an interview with The Guardian, Reznor spoke about (shat on) Ye, the latest Kanye album:

“How many Kanye West thinkpieces have the Guardian done in the last fucking month? The guy’s lost his fucking mind: that’s the thinkpiece. His record sucked, and that’s it. He has made great shit; he’s not in a great place right now.”

The interview also saw Reznor offer his take on the Trump administration. “The rise of Trumpism, of tribalism; the celebration of stupidity. I’m ashamed, on a world stage, at what we must look like as a culture. It’s seeing life through the eyes of having four small kids—what are they coming into? And who am I in this world where it feels like every day the furniture got moved a bit while I slept?”

Watch Nine inch Nails’ ‘God Break Down The Door’:

Nine Inch Nails new album Bad Witchis out now.

Bad Witch tracklist:

01 Shit Mirror

02 Ahead of Ourselves

03 Play the Goddamned Part

04 God Break Down the Door

05 I’m Not From This World

06 Over and out

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