Tonight Alive just covered a Savage Garden classic for ‘Like A Version’

Written by Bianca Davino on 18th May, 2018
Tonight Alive just covered a Savage Garden classic for ‘Like A Version’

Tonight Alive have taken on the coveted opportunity of performing a ‘Like A Version’ live on the triple j airwaves this morning, treating morning radio listeners to a sweet cover of a total Aussie pop classic courtesy of 90s heroes Savage Garden.

The band, who’ve just wrapped up their massive Australian tour with AViVA and Between You & Me, got up bright and early to cover Savage Garden’s ‘Affirmation’.

Lyrically, the track follows a series of positive messages that promote self-confidence, the power of spreading love and gratefulness – the perfect accompaniment to the band’s prevailing message present in their back catalogue, especially their most recent album Underworld. 

“Conscious Rock meets Conscious Pop. We’re huge Savage Garden fans and couldn’t wait to bring back these high vibrations for Like A Version today. (Shout out to Darren Hayes for some seriously next level lyrics) and thank you to triple j for such an unreal opportunity. Hope you guys love ‘Affirmation’ as much as we do x” said the band in a Facebook post about the performance.

Check out the performance below:

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