There’s a slime-making workshop happening in Moore Park

Written by Geordie Gray on 3rd July, 2018
There’s a slime-making workshop happening in Moore Park

School holidays are coming up and we all know you’d rather stab yourself in the eyeball than sit in the cafeteria of Lollipops playground.

Good news! There’s a slime workshop coming to Sydney. The Plaster Funtime team will be hosting an afternoon focusing on the art of Slime making, taking place at Moore Park.

If you’re unfamiliar with the slime phenomena; sometime mid-last year a bunch of videos starting appearing on Instagram. These videos revolved around slime; strange, soothing, gloopy, gooey, gorgeous slime. There are accounts dedicated to slime that have amassed hundreds-of-thousands of followers.

Seriously check it out:

It’s a phenomenon. Kids are obsessed with the stuff. An eleven-year-old relative of mine reckons she’s going to build a slime empire and is flogging her homemade slime at school for $5 a pop. It’s the only thing that’ll get her away from technology.

So if you’re willing to sacrifice all the beloved Tupperware in your home to host this glimmering goop, then you might want to take your kid to the below workshop. Seriously, stop wasting your hard-earned cash on slime-kits that’ll only produce three puny punnets of slime and start getting creative with shaving foam, starch and borax.

Information Below:

Date: Monday 9th of July

Time: 3 sessions (20 children per session)

– 10am – 12pm

– 12:30pm – 2:30pm

– 3pm – 5pm

Parents are not required to stay – drop the kids off and pick them up at the end of the session.

Cost: $30 per child (price also includes snacks such as fruit, fairy bread, chips and popcorn and drinks of cordial and water)

Age: 6+

Session includes, a lesson on:

– Coloured slime

– Scented slime

– Glitter slime

– Cloud slime

– Glow in the Dark slime

The article was originally published on The BRAG Dad