There’s a royalty-free music library for amateur filmmakers

Written by Lars Brandle on 24th May, 2018
There’s a royalty-free music library for amateur filmmakers

Amateur filmmakers on a tight music budget, roll tape. Filmstro, the music clearance service, has unveiled what it describes as a cinematic-quality music library that’s “royalty-free” and “YouTube cleared” and free to tap into.

The aptly-titled Filmstro Free Music is targeted at indie video producers, who are typically keen to drive a bargain for their music licenses. Its sounds like the unbeatable bang-for-buck scenario, though the proof is always in the content, which currently numbers more than 1,000 works, searchable through the categories “mood,” “film & video genre,” “music genre” and “instrumental palette.”

Tracks are downloadable through a dedicated app and users can control each tune’s Momentum, Depth and Power.

FILMSTRO website
Filmstro website

Filmstro touts a subscription business model, with individuals, freelancers and companies attracting different monthly fees, ranging from US$9.99 to $24.99.

Though Filmstro Free Music, as its name would suggest, is free

On its new offering, company notes in a statement, “We had originally started Filmstro because we wanted to build empowering tools for filmmakers and that ethos hasn’t changed. We’re inspired by companies like HitFilm to create some real value for our community and we think that it’s about time that ‘Freemium’ offerings came to the music industry, and we’re excited about being the company to do that.”

Filmstro Free Music is pitched at personal websites, showreels, film festival submissions, free podcasts and tutorials, crowdfunding videos, free games and apps. Pretty much any music-rich content that isn’t paid or commercial work (you’ll need to graduate up to the paid tier for that).

Check it out here.

The article was originally published on The Industry Observer