The Smashing Pumpkins had their intimate house party gig shut down by police

Written by Tyler Jenke on 3rd July, 2018
The Smashing Pumpkins had their intimate house party gig shut down by police

The Smashing Pumpkins’ reunion tour is already off to a shaky start, with a recent gig by the band being shut down by local police following noise complaints.

Just last week, the Smashing Pumpkins made their full return to the live stage, performing a stunning array of new and old classics. Needless to say, fans were pretty stoked to see the rock legends back on the big stage. However, select fans were also treated to another exclusive show the following night, which saw the group aiming to recreate their youthful behaviour from yesteryear.

In the lead-up to their reunion tour, the Smashing Pumpkins announced that an intimate exclusive house show was set to take place in Los Angeles the day after their first headline date. Dubbed the ‘1979 House Party‘, the gig was held in the same backyard that the group filmed their iconic ‘1979’ film clip all those years ago.

However, while many of the fans loved the show, it turns out that the neighbours weren’t too keen on it.

Pumpkins wreck quiet neighborhood where 1979 was shot

Pumpkins wreck quiet neighborhood where 1979 was shot.

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Taking to Instagram on Sunday, frontman Billy Corgan revealed that the set had to be cut short briefly after police were called by neighbours who complained about the noise.

“Great times in LaLa,” Corgan wrote. “Appreciation to those that came out to the Troubador. And apologies to those in Studio City for the disturbance of our nihilistic noize.”

“Twas a full moon and something just gets into the blood. And respect to the police, who let us finish the set. Mendacious as our conclusion was.”

A news report about the incident which was shared to the Smashing Pumpkins’ Facebook page revealed that neighbours also took issue with the congestion that was occurring on their small suburban street, with many fans and members of the stage crew ignoring directions not to park in the residential area.

While fans were undoubtedly bummed that the show had to be cut short somewhat, only the band’s song ‘Cherub Rock’ wasn’t played during their 14-song set, which of course ended with an encore performance of their 1995 classic ‘1979’.

At this stage, there’s no news as to whether or not the Smashing Pumpkins’ reunion tour will see them making their way down to Australia any time soon, but we’re remaining hopeful.

Check out the Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘1979’:

Smashing Pumpkins @ ‘1979 House Party’, California, USA 28/06/18 Setlist


‘Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans’


‘The Everlasting Gaze’





‘Stand Inside Your Love’







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