The Lakers NBA championship odds slashed after signing LeBron

Written by Nathan Jolly on 3rd July, 2018
The Lakers NBA championship odds slashed after signing LeBron

Here’s a pro tip: if you wanna know who will win the triple j Hottest 100 each year, simply look at the Sportsbet odds.

Sportsbet — as the name suggests — also provide odds for all kinds of sportsball competitions, and after yesterday’s signing of LeBron James to the L.A. Lakers, the odds of them winning the NBA championship have been slashed, from 10:1 to 5:1.

This year’s champions, the Golden State Warriors, are firm favourites, with a $1 bet only netting you $2.10. Considering LeBron single-handedly dismantled the Warriors two seasons again to win Cleveland’s first sporting championship since 1964, 5:1 odds are pretty good.

Below are some of the select odds for other team.

NBA 2019 Championship Winners

$2.10    Golden State Warriors

$5.00    Los Angeles Lakers     (in from $10)

$6.50    Boston Celtics

$6.50    Houston Rockets

$14       Philadelphia 76ers

$41       Oklahoma City Thunder

$41       Utah Jazz

$51       Minnesota Timberwolves

$51       Toronto Raptors

$51       San Antonio Spurs

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine