The Jerry Springer Show halts production after 27 years

Written by Nathan Jolly on 15th June, 2018
The Jerry Springer Show halts production after 27 years

We all knew the time would have to eventually come, but we are simply not ready to say goodbye, despite not having actively watching an episode since The Strokes first record came out.

The Hollywood Reporter… well, reports, that production of The Jerry Springer Show halted in April, and now it looks like it will be for good, with staff  currently looking for other work.

There is an outside chance that another network could throw the show a final hail mary, but it is looking doubtful. The CW Network has signed the show but for repeats only.

It’s probably for the best; in 2018, gems such as ‘Gay Cousins In Love’ probably would have spawned a million bland think pieces.

Jerry, thanks for permanently opening the floodgates for trashy trailer-park TV.

Jerry, Steve: take care of yourself, and each other.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine