The festival fashion trends that will define Splendour In The Grass 2018

Written by Patrick Campbell on 16th July, 2018
The festival fashion trends that will define Splendour In The Grass 2018

This weekend, tens of thousands of people will descend upon Byron Bay for Splendour In The Grass. Splendour is one of the biggest music festivals in Australia, but a shift in festival culture has seen it become more than that. The festival is now also a massive opportunity for young Australians to get dressed up and take a bunch of photos that they’ll slowly release on Instagram over the coming months.

Festival fashion
Splendour 2017 fashion. Image from Vogue AU

With so many people heading to North Byron Parklands to enjoy the massive lineup and take that perfect pic, it can be hard to stand out. Luckily I am a fashion expert and have found all the trends that you need to get amongst to look cool at the festival this year.

High-heeled crocs

Yes, they are a thing and yes, you should get amongst their comfortable vibe. The fact that they are the most inappropriate footwear for a muddy festival just proves you’re committed to serving a look.

crocs-grey high heels
it’s called fashion, look it up.

Three oranges in a mesh bag

Go with me on this one. At a festival like Splendour, you need to stand out if you really want that Insta picture to pop and not be overlooked.

Meme fashion

Nothing shows your commitment to culture and how up to date you are like a fresh meme look. You don’t need to smoke cigarettes to look cool. Just dress up in an outfit that says “Yeah I’ve been on Reddit before!”

Festival fashion meme
This one is easy to recreate if you have a spare shelf!

Balloon-filled headpieces

They might not be ideal for the people behind you at the festival but who cares. Splendour is all about standing out amongst the crowd and this is the only way you want to be standing out in 2018.

@fransummers in look 30 bleached and overdyed pink denim dress with neon and black underskirt, amazing @stephenjonesmillinery hessian balaclava with gold balloons and neon mango custom @ginashoesofficial , short teddy jacket, and @karolinaxlaczkowska in look 29 houndstooth ladder wool washed dress with grey chainmail knit skirt and nude underskirt with @stephenjonesmillinery black balaclava with red balloons ?? the biggest thanks to : @kegrand @mandilennard @bitton @establishmentny @woolandthegang @blonsteinproductions @britishfashioncouncil hats by @stephenjonesmillinery bags customised @coach #coachNY weaving by @rarethread @kirstymmmcdougall ?? make up @mirandajoyce using @marcbeauty Hair @sydhayeshair nails by @chisatochee using @marcbeauty accessories @begoniapeterson shoes @ginashoesofficial graphics by @joenickols music by @Steve__mackey thank you to my amazing studio team @greg___harper huge thanks to @gilesdeacon_ @rustymonster @agathaconnolly Murray Healy @angiekurdash @annamarie.scott @oliver_volquardsen @ogun_gortan @nickbovan @slidfromthefabricflaps @mvudslyde @mpfneedham @_lucastate @b.clax @edithchick @adelelllll @jasminefashiontextiles_ @anibergero @princess_moona @ashleighrachael96 Jane Elmer

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Sheer Socks

Smart and practical for a winter festival, these sheer socks don’t get soggy because they can’t really absorb water. They just let your feet get wet and dirty straight away, cutting out the middle man. Also they’d look lush matched with some high-heeled crocs.

festival fashion socks
Because why wear socks that serve a purpose if you’re not serving a look?

High School Musical merchandise

Vintage fashion has always been an easy go to at festivals. Why not take a classic trend and make it your own? It’s been 12 years since High School Musical was released which means it’s vintage but a fresh vintage. Nothing says “Yeah, I went to a vintage shop once” like an old school piece of band merch, why not keep an eye out for one of these bad boys?

HSM festival shirt
2006 – When fashion and film culture peaked.

There you have it, everything you need to be the best dressed at this year’s Splendour In The Grass. Now go forth and find the perfect balloon hat for your ensemble.

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