Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey is in a pop-punk band and they’ve played Warped Tour

Written by Geordie Gray on 10th July, 2018
Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey is in a pop-punk band and they’ve played Warped Tour

If you didn’t already know (and I didn’t already know), Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey is in a pop-punk band. Our minds are blown.

PVMNTS live at Warped Tour. Photo by @vcrislands

PVMNTS are Tyler Posey, Freddie Ramirez and Nick Guzman. The band recently played a set at the Venture leg of Warped tour. The trio released their debut single “Standing (On My Own Two Feet)” a few weeks ago. In a statement the band have delved into the meaning of the single

“Tyler wrote this song during the passing of his mother so there’s a lot of emotion in writing and recording this song. It’s basically about when you hit a point in your life where your life will change and there’s nothing you can do about. The only control that you have is deciding whether or not it’s going to fuck you up or you take a positive route and do something good with what you’ve just been through.”

Listen: PVMNTS – “Standing (On My Own Two Feet)”

Their first EP Better Days is due to be released sometime in August 17th. Better Days was produced by Kyle Back, who has worked with pretty much every notable pop-punk band in the scene. We’re talking All Time Low, State Champs, Movements and Roam… to name a few.


Better Days will be self released on August 17th

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