Tear It Up In An Old-School Arcade This Thursday At Oxford Art Factory!

Written by Nikki Sternagel on 20th October, 2015
Tear It Up In An Old-School Arcade This Thursday At Oxford Art Factory!

If you're looking for something a little different to do this week in Sydney, look no further than Insert Coin(s) at The Oxford Art Factory!

Whether you go to reminisce about your days at old-school arcades, or you're there to learn about the gaming of yesteryear there is fun to be had around every corner! Insert Coin(s) relives the glory days of 80's arcades at Sydney's best gaming and party night - with plenty of retro gaming (tabletop, pinball and standing arcade units) along with the latest gaming titles!

The event sold out in August, and it has been brought back again this month with WAY MORE machines than last time (can they event fit that many?!). Squeeze in and get your tickets before this incredible night sells out again. We're dying to get our hands on all of these retro machines - but who can ignore the fact that they'll have an all-time favourite, Daytona USA there? 

That's right - MASSIVE Daytona USA games will be going on with six networked machines just waiting for instant multiplayer madness! 

Can you handle this?

All of that gaming is sure to make you hungry, so in addition to free candy, Woofy's hot dog cart will also be serving hotdogs with all kinds of toppings. Get in quick for the themed cocktails as well to celebrate the occasion! We don't know what they are yet... But they already sound delicious.

Check out last month's event!

In case you want to make this a regular outing for you and your friends (who wouldn't?), like the Insert Coin(s) Facebook page - they'll be giving more details shortly for events coming up!

We'll leave you with these little teasers for Thursday night...

Get your tickets now for one hell of a night!

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