Taylor Swift praises Manchester’s “incredible resilience” in a heartfelt speech

Written by Bianca Davino on 9th June, 2018
Taylor Swift praises Manchester’s “incredible resilience” in a heartfelt speech

Taylor Swift concerts are the musical Disneyland. They ebb and flow in every emotional direction, feeding into our very core as humans. Yes, we take watching one of the current reigning Queens Of Pop with the utmost seriousness.

From the saccharine drenched highs and colourful daze’s of ’22’ to the feelsy acoustic reigns of ‘Last Kiss’, you’ll leave a Taylor Swift show with a new understanding of life itself. Are we being too dramatic?

Taylor Swift’s reputation tour has proven to be a wild ride of guest appearances and iconic moments already, from helping Troye Sivan out with announcing the release of his new album to honouring the LGBQT+ community, there really hasn’t been a night without a little extra tidbit of excitement.

At a recent show in Manchester, a year on from the tragic bombings outside an Ariana Grande concert, Taylor swift praises the city’s “incredible resilience” in a heartfelt speech.

“You’ve shown that you’re never gonna let anyone forget about those victims. And you’ve shown that you have such incredible resilience to keep dancing and to keep the innocence and to keep the joy and to keep the excitement. I just wanted to say Manchester: It is such an honour to play for you tonight.”

Watch the video below:

It was recently leaked that Charli XCX would in fact feature as Taylor Swift’s opening act on the Australian leg of the reputation tour this coming November.  In the meantime, while we’re waiting around for Taylor Swift to return to our shores, here’s another T-Swift live iconic moment, throwing back to her 2010 ‘Speak Now’ tour.

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