Sacha Baron Cohen tricks another ex-congressman into an interview

Written by Patrick Campbell on 12th July, 2018
Sacha Baron Cohen tricks another ex-congressman into an interview

Literally a day after Sarah Palin admitted to the world she was tricked into being interviewed by Sacha Baron Cohen, another Republican heavyweight has come forward saying they were tricked. His new show’s premiere date has also been announced. Who Is America will premiere on Stan. in Australia this Sunday.

It’s been a fun week of Cohen teasing everyone with short videos that don’t give much away about his new project. Already we’ve seen that he has managed to trick a couple of big names into appearing on the show. Now Joe Walsh a Republican ex-congressman has come forward, tweeting that he too was tricked.

The radio and TV personality claims he was invited to a dinner to be honored for his work around Israel. He said the interview took a weird turn when the interviewer (Cohen) asked him how children should defend themselves from terrorist attacks. He also shared a picture of the fake award he received for his “Contributions to the state of Israel”.

The first teaser video for the show included audio of Donald Trump referring to Cohen as a “Third Rate Character” and saying “I only wish that he would’ve been punched in the face so many times right now he’d be in a hospital”. Classic charming stuff from the President there.

After the video of Dick Cheney signing a “waterboarding kit” and the news that Palin had also been tricked into filming for the show, a teaser trailer confirms the show is premiering on Stan. this weekend.

Cohen was originally slated to portray Freddy Mercury in the upcoming Queen biopic, but was replaced by Rami Malek after he left the project due to “creative differences”. Details of this project are being kept under wraps, but from the few things we’ve seen so far it looks like it’s gonna be great.

Watch: Who Is America? teaser

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine