Roger Daltrey criticises the #MeToo movement’s involvement in rock

Written by Bianca Davino on 21st May, 2018
Roger Daltrey criticises the #MeToo movement’s involvement in rock

Roger Daltrey of The Who has sounded off on the prevailing #MeToo, criticizing its position within rock music. The famous frontman has argued that rockstars aren’t sexual predators, as it is often the other way around, with women forcing themselves onto them.

Daltrey was asked in an interview with the Daily Mail about the recent uprising of backlash towards ongoing sexual misconduct in Hollywood, and the subsequent #MeToo movement that followed.

“Why would any rock star need to push themselves on women?” Daltrey said. “Usually, it’s the other way around. I’d like to have £1 for every woman that screws my ass. Mick Jagger would be a billionaire out of it.”

He also sounded off on how allegations often seem to be born out of hearsay with little truth to them, referencing allegations made against his bandmate Pete Townsend in 2003.

“If it was going to be in the rock business, it would’ve been out by now. It would’ve been out a long time ago. I find this whole thing so obnoxious. It’s always allegations and it’s just salacious crap. Like the allegations against Pete [Townshend] when he got arrested.”

Townsend was cautioned by police in 2003 for allegedly using a credit card to access a website that carried child pornography, which was eventually cleared after a 4-month investigation.

“He didn’t have anything on his computer at all, he was accused of downloading, accused of this and accused of that. They never found one fucking thing on 35 computers. It’s a joke.” Roger isn’t the first ageing rocker to sound off on the movement, with Marilyn Manson, Morrisey and Steel Panther all sharing their takes on the historical outpouring of dialogue surrounding the topic.

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