Rick and Morty trading cards are out this month

Written by Nathan Jolly on 19th June, 2018
Rick and Morty trading cards are out this month

Considering that fans of Ricky and Morty bid thousands of dollars to grab an exclusive bottle Szechaun sauce, I imagine that today’s news of Ricky and Morty trading cards will excite many – especially considering there is a 1 in 48 chance of each packet containing a card signed by the cast. It’s like gambling that kids can get involved in!

Each pack contains five cards — which is kinda bullshit TBH — but there are also temporary tats, stickers, and even scratch and sniff cards included in the mix to bolster those packs: considering the show’s themes, we can’t imagine the latter will be a pleasant flowery type of olfactory experience.

The cards will be available from June 29. Check out co-creator Justin Roiland’s signed cards below.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine