Remembering that time The Living End were named in a murder investigation

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 7th June, 2018
Remembering that time The Living End were named in a murder investigation

Australian rock veterans The Living End have been around a while, and when your career goes on long enough, eventually you’re going to be involved in a murder investigation in some capacity. It’s just the way the business works.

The band, who are gearing up to release a new album in the coming months, took to Facebook to a couple of years back to share a copy of a summons issued by Detective Senior Constable Davis to the band’s then-label, EMI.

According to the document, Det Snr Const Davis was requesting “the complete lyrics to songs on compact disc titled ‘Second Solution Prisoner of Society’ by music Group ‘The Living End'” to aid in a murder investigation. Yikes.

“I am the officer in charge of an investigation into the shooting murders of two persons and the attempted murder of two others at Berkeley Vale on 21st February, 1999,” the summons reads.

“As a result of the investigation, a male offender has been charged with two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder,” it continues.

“As a result of our inquiries, evidence suggests that the male offender whilst preparing to shoot these four persons listened to a compact disc over and over again. This compact disc is distributed by EMI and is titled… The Living End ‘Second Solution-Prisoner of Society’.”

“The offender’s preparatory acts, which includes the listening of this music/lyrics may become an issue during future court proceedings.” The band didn’t reveal just how the case concluded, but the summons is a hell of a read.

The article was originally published on Tone Deaf