Remember when Charli XCX got mistaken for Lorde and she went along with it?

Written by Patrick Campbell on 3rd August, 2018
Remember when Charli XCX got mistaken for Lorde and she went along with it?

Everyone’s favourite future-pop artist who thought their song was big in Germany, Charli XCX, celebrated her birthday yesterday. To celebrate, friends and fans shared their favourite pictures and moments from the artists career, and one truly stood out.

DiceFM tweeted a clip from a 2014 interview with XCX and someone called Priscilla who likes avocados. We’re not entirely sure whats going on, but right off the bat it’s one of the weirdest interviews we’ve seen. The first question sees our friend Priscilla mistake Charli for Lorde, and asks about the inspiration behind “Royals”. It get’s weirder when Charli responds as if she wrote Royals.

Watch: A very weird Charli XCX interview involving Avocados

It doesn’t stop there, however. Other highlights include the interviewer asking whether Charli has ever had an STD, and tells her that she’d be a terrible mother. All the while, Priscilla is holding a photo of Lorde, and using “we’re holding avocados right now” as a reason for XCX to answer the questions.

We’re not sure if it’s a joke, we’re not even sure if Charli is in on it, we’re just very unsure about the entire thing and it’s confusing but hilarious. Enjoy the incredibly awkward three minutes above.

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Charli XCX is expected to be heading to Australia to support Taylor Swift on her upcoming Reputation World Tour, and we’re hoping that we might even get a few sideshows this tour! Her last visit to our shores was in Support of Sia’s massive stadium tour. Her last headlining shows in Australia were in 2015 behind her tour with Groovin’ The Moo.

The singer has been releasing new music each month since May, most recently releasing the fan favourite track “Girls Night Out”. At her recent London show, XCX told the crowd “I might not be the biggest but I’m definitely the best.” A true self empowered icon.

Listen: Charli XCX “Girls Night Out”

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