Regurgitator announce new album, ‘HEADROXX’, coming this August

Written by Tyler Jenke on 26th June, 2018
Regurgitator announce new album, ‘HEADROXX’, coming this August

It’s hard to believe that 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of beloved Brisbane rockers Regurgitator, but the band aren’t going to spend it getting all sentimental, instead they’ll be marking the occasion with a brand new record.

Yes, fans of Regurgitator might have noticed that new music hasn’t exactly been forthcoming in recent years. While the band released a live album back in 2015, and a new single just last month, they hadn’t released a new album since 2013’s Dirty Pop Fantasy. But now, that’s all about to change.

Having recently announced that they’re set to head out on a national tour at the start of August, Regurgitator have decided to go one better, announcing that HEADROXX, their first new album in five years will released on August 1st.

Of course, in typical fashion, frontman Quan Yeomans released an outlandish statement in regards to the new record, which can be read below:

“I’d been having trouble sleeping for a few days. Some kind of pressure in my head seemed to be building. It felt like it was filled with bread that was slowly expanding as it soaked up the surrounding fluids. No doctor I went to could give me any answers. They all prescribed pain killers in ever increasing potency. To little avail.

“After a week the pain was so unbearable the only relief I could find was by bashing my head on something hard like a washing machine or the dash of my car. After a week of this I went in for an MRI and the images, though at first unbelievable, seem to confirm that my skull was host to a rather nasty infestation of song larvae. I went home and tried to control the unrelenting agony and the fear that was creeping into me but before I knew it I was once again bashing my head up against a computer screen. I smashed it with such force that finally the invaders fell out, along with some small, relatively unimportant bits of my brain. The pain abated almost immediately.

“I carefully collected the tiny lyrical maggots in a jar, poked some holes in the lid and put it under my pillow to hide them from my wife and keep them warm while I slept. I fell into a deep slumber punctuated by the strangest dreams. When I awoke the jar was empty and from the pendant light on my ceiling, hanging by its twisted claw, this album gently swayed, humming a low, comforting drone at me.

The new twelve-track record is set to be released on August 1st, and features the tracks ‘Light Me On Fire’ and ‘Don’t Stress’, the two newest tracks released by the group just last month.

Regurgitator are also set to kick off their ‘Life Support’ on August 2nd in Newcastle. Tickets to all shows are on sale now, so make sure you don’t miss out seeing the Gurge perform some of their brand new tracks live in your city.

Check out Regurgitator’s ‘Don’t Stress’:

Regurgitator – HEADROXX Tracklist

Head Roxx.

Roxx for Brains.

Grafitti is Coming Alive.

Party Looks.

Not Alone.

Weird Kind of Hard.

No Point.

Light me on Fire

Don’t Stress.

I get the Internet.


The Spirit of Ian Curtis.

Regurgitator 2018 ‘Life Support’ Tour

Thursday, August 2nd

The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Friday, August 3rd

The Metro, Sydney, NSW

Saturday, August 4th 

Servo Food Truck, Wollongong, NSW (Afternoon show)

Saturday, August 4th

The Basement, Canberra, ACT

Sunday, August 5th

SS&A Club, Albury, NSW

Friday, August 10th

170 Russell, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday, August 11th

Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS

Sunday, August 12th

Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS

Friday, August 17th

The Gov, Adelaide, SA

Saturday, August 18th

Badlands, Perth, WA

Sunday, August 19th

Badlands, Perth, WA

Friday, August 24th

Kingscliff Beach Hotel, Kingscliff, NSW

Saturday, August 25th

The Tivoli, Brisbane, QLD

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