Rappers are now banned from the ranch where Kanye held his album listening party

Written by Tyler Jenke on 6th June, 2018
Rappers are now banned from the ranch where Kanye held his album listening party

We’ve all been to a rowdy house party before, right? Well, how often has that party been so wild that it resulted in a change of the rules because of your behaviour? Sure it might not happen to everyone, but the recent listening party for Kanye West’s album ending up pushing the limits of the venue so much that rappers have now been banned from the location.

As we all know by now, Kanye West released his latest album, ye, last week, and while the album was a short, at times introspective affair, the record’s listening party seemed to be far from that, with its loose, loud, and drawn-out nature drawing the ire of the owners of the venue in which it was held.

As The Blast reports, Jane Golliher, the owner and operator of the Diamond Cross Ranch in the US state of Wyoming, admits that Kanye West’s album party was great exposure for the location, but also that it was one of the “most confusing” events they’ve ever held there.

While Golliher explains that Kanye’s team changed plans for the event repeatedly in the lead-up, they were originally told that the party was set to be all done and dusted by 10pm. However, the listening party did not actually start until 9:30PM, meaning that they were well on their way to breaking rules in regards to noise ordinances.

The country that the ranch is located on upholds strict noise laws requiring all sounds past 10pm to be limited to 80 decibels, however Kanye’s party reportedly went as loud as 120 decibels, leading to frequent noise complaints from neighbours and lodgers.

While Jane Golliher has admitted that there are no hard feelings between her and Kanye West, she reveals that “no more rappers” will be coming to the ranch, and that future musical events will probably result in a “day concert” at most. Golliher also said she’s keen to work on any event with “good music”, though it’s not clear whether she refers to palatable music, or Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music record label.

Check out Kanye West’s ‘Yikes’:

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine