Prince Harry is doing a Kanye and helping to style his new wife

Written by Nathan Jolly on 12th June, 2018
Prince Harry is doing a Kanye and helping to style his new wife

We wrote about how psychedelic, magic and subversive the Royal Wedding was, and then we wrote about all the downsizes of marrying a prince.

Well depending on where you sit on the matter, one potential upside is that Meghan Markle now has a real life prince helping to style her. Luckily, it’s not Philip (who shoots rabbits in the face) but instead her newly-minted husband Harry – who famously once chose to wear a Nazi uniform to a dress up party. We guess he has gotten more discerning.

“The joke is that Harry is Meghan’s surprise stylist,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“He gives his views on what he thinks looks best, rather than helping her follow royal protocol on hemlines or anything like that.

“Harry always comes to design meetings and fittings to give his opinions on the looks,” another ‘source’ told the New York Post.

“Meghan is always asking Harry’s opinion. She really wants his views.”

We predict this time he will steer clear of Nazi-related clothing; unless he opts for a Hugo Boss number, of course…

Below is footage of Meghan, shortly before the pair met.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine