PREMIERE: Sydney’s Hurst release blistering EP ‘sadface’

Written by Bianca Davino on 11th July, 2018
PREMIERE: Sydney’s Hurst release blistering EP ‘sadface’

There’s something special about music that simultaneously strikes directly to the heart of our deepest feelings and insecurities and offers a message of hope and persistence.

For Sydney’s pop-rock purveyors Hurst, that’s exactly what they’ve achieved on their blistering 6-track EP sadface. Combining the cutting edge riffage of modern rock acts like WAAX and Tired Lion with the sleekness of pop punk production stylings and energy, Hurst’s sadface culminates in a forest fire of sing-till-ya-drop anthems that are tailor-made to start swelling mosh pits.

Tracks like ‘Purple & Green’ and ‘Colourful Mists’ are a masterclass in hook-laden rock songwriting, unafraid of letting things get just that little more distorted and chaotic. It’s full-on pop grit with a nostalgic rock edge – sadface feels like it should take top priority as an angsty teen-movie soundtrack, whilst showcasing a maturity beyond their short tenure as a band.

Across the 6 tracks, front woman Ana found herself taking a journey through life’s trials and tribulations, turning dimmer moments into upbeat musical nuggets that offer sage words of wisdom on confidence and acceptance.

“The six tracks from “sadface.” are a loud execution of that internal conflict I face with the hope that these songs would remind me to pursue real joy, regardless of what’s happening around me or to me… simply put, I penned these lyrics to give myself a reason to get out of bed and kick life in the head and keep creating.

The boys and I worked to create something raw, punchy and exhilarating… despite all things, we created fun from sad things.”

Listen to sadface here:

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