PREMIERE: Sydney’s Fiveash drop blistering two-track ‘After Everything’

Written by Bianca Davino on 10th June, 2018
PREMIERE: Sydney’s Fiveash drop blistering two-track ‘After Everything’

In what’s proven to be a fruitful year for Sydney pop punk, up and comers Fiveash have released a blistering two-track EP, ‘After Everything’. The band have spent the last year cutting their teeth on the country’s live circuit, honing their energetic yet crushingly emotional sound, prevalent on the short, sharp EP.

Combining melodic guitars, bounce-till-you-drop drumming and early 00s style vocals ala Motion City Soundtrack, ‘After Everything follows a classic coming of age narrative. Fiveash have said that despite touching on darker themes like hopelessness, and loss, they wish to “ultimately convey a positive message in the end that you can grow and flourish from past experiences and become better for it”.

The two tracks ‘I Never’ and ‘Nothing Feels Like Summer’ conjure up bubbling feelings of nostalgia and suburbia over tasteful instrumentals and sing-a-long choruses. We’re so here for posi vibes – and the fact that Fiveash say their “friendship and honesty” is at the centre of all they do makes it just that much better. Can you get much more wholesome than that?

So, if you’re a fan of Knuckle Puck, Real Friends and The Starting Line, we reckon you’ll find something to dig with Fiveash.

Listen to ‘After Everything’ here:

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