PREMIERE: Sydney’s alt-pop powerhouse Volte drop a moody new video for ‘Devil In Me’

Written by Bianca Davino on 9th May, 2018
PREMIERE: Sydney’s alt-pop powerhouse Volte drop a moody new video for ‘Devil In Me’

Sydney’s very own alt-pop trailblazer Volte has dropped a stunning new music video for the single ‘Devil In Me’. The track is a dark take on current pop trends that burns with intense emotion and lush instrumentals that carry it’s catchy, yet understated hook.

Inspired by the likes of Halsey and The Neighborhood, Volte carries on the moody legacy of pop’s black-skinny-jean wearing cousin – it’s just as hook-laden and infectious, yet sends the listener into a sombre atmospheric abyss (that you can still dance to, of course.)

The gorgeous visuals that accompany the track amplify its message of melancholy, featuring a dizzying montage of late night walks, deep pastels and moody lighting. Volte explains the writing process for the track as something he “never expected to write”, coming about from a new direction of creativity, inspiration and heartache.

“Devil In Me” is a song I never expected to write, it opened up a whole new direction of creativity I didn’t know I had. At the time I wasn’t writing it for any purpose I was just trying to pen thoughts I couldn’t express in any other way.”

“My identity had been stolen by my roommate putting me massively in debt and I had just ended a 3-year relationship all in the space of a few weeks. My head was like a hurricane and writing lyrics was my way of trying to organise the mess, I was also drinking a lot to numb the pain.”

Musically, Volte notes that track was influenced by new sounds away from his home in the rock scene, which immediately found a meaningful connection with.

“Sonically at the time I wasn’t excited by the music I grew up on anymore I started to turn away from the rock scene and was discovering albums like Halsey “Badlands” and The Neighbourhood “I Love You” so when I started to piece together the music that’s the direction it felt natural to take it.”

If you’re wondering where the name Volte was derived, he explains that it all came from the comfort and safety music provides.

“A few songs later and that was the birth of Volte, derived as an alternative spelling of “Vault” a safe place to keep the things you hold most valuable in life, for me that’s the music I create.”

Watch the video for ‘Devil In Me’ here:

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