Premiere: Jed Parsons drops the basketball-laden clip for ‘Everybody’s Stupid’

Written by Tyler Jenke on 7th May, 2018
Premiere: Jed Parsons drops the basketball-laden clip for ‘Everybody’s Stupid’

If you’re a fan of upbeat indie-pop, then you might already be aware of Kiwi muso Jed Parsons. But if not, he’s undoubtedly about to become one of your new favourite artists, with the hilarious clip to his latest tune, ‘Everybody’s Stupid’, dropping today.

Having released his first single, ‘Get Lost’, back in January, Parsons has well and truly hit the ground running, with the track earning him a spot on the Auckland City Limits festival earlier this year.

Now, with his fanbase steadily growing, the New Zealand singer-songwriter has today released the video for his latest single, ‘Everybody’s Stupid’, and it is just what you’ve come to expect from this exceptional artist.

Backed by a hilarious, basketball-filled clip that makes you wonder how many takes it took to get everything right, ‘Everybody’s Stupid’ is an infectious, indie-pop gem whose slick beat and catchy melody will stick with you for days.

Described as a light-hearted take on the emptiness of modern life, and featuring such relatable lines as “everybody’s stupid except for me and a couple of my friends,” Parsons says the track is about “specifically the time we spend in our online echo chambers believing there is a clear line between our correct opinions and everyone else’s nonsense.”

“I made the video with a local Christchurch based film maker, Eugene Lee,” explains Parsons of the clip. “I came up with the video concept while scrolling mindlessly through social media – the only thing I actually took notice of was a basketball trick-shot video, probably ‘Dude Perfect’ or something.”

“The lyrics of ‘Everybody’s Stupid’ are intended to shine a light on the psychological consequence of the toxic and destructive aspects of first-world life, with a big nod to social media, therefore the concept of a deadpan basketball trick-shot video seemed to fit.”

With Jed Parsons reportedly hard at work on his debut, full-length album, set to be released later this year, you can be sure that there’s only more gold to come as we get closer to release day.

If you happen to be in Queenstown on May 12th, be sure to check out Jed Parsons when he plays what is bound to be a stellar show at Sherwood, but otherwise, you’ll have to wait until he makes the trek over to Australia so we can witness this brilliant muso live.

Check out Jed Parsons’ ‘Everybody’s Stupid’:

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