PREMIERE: Beth Lucas perfects nostalgia-drenched acoustic pop punk on ‘Even If It Kills Me’

Written by Bianca Davino on 14th June, 2018
PREMIERE: Beth Lucas perfects nostalgia-drenched acoustic pop punk on ‘Even If It Kills Me’

There’s no secret that pop punk kids adore heart-string tugging, unifying campfire acoustic jam. The cosy-ness, warmth and catharsis delivered through the raw strumming of strings and unfiltered vocals act as a safety blanket of comfort in the most painstaking of moments and, life’s soaring highs.

Now, Beth Lucas is here to cradle your winter chill needs with the sentimental, unashamedly hook-laden EP Even If It Kills Me. Having cut her teeth touring around the country, sharing the stage with pop punk icons State Champs, Kisschasy, and Say Anything, Even If It Kills Me showcases Lucas’ aptitude for highly developed songcraft and nostalgia-inducing guitar compositions.

The EP follows the perfect pop punk narrative – revelling in the glory of friendships on ‘A Loss For Words’, overcoming adversity and finding your self through persistence. It’s a poignant and honest telling of the realities mental health struggles – a truly brave display of emotion.

Even If It Kills Me, according to Beth was inspired by some of the toughest moments she’s ever encountered. ‘Baby I’ was written about Beth’s “lowest point of depression, living back at home to save money, her entire life was in storage and she hadn’t written for over 6 months.”

“The song came quite organically one day after work, I was sitting on my bed at home just crying and I thought to myself, I’m so sick of this! I’m so sick of feeling like I’ve done everything chasing this dream and I’ve achieved some cool things but I’m still not getting anywhere with it. So I took all of that energy and put it into a song” said Beth. 

Check out Beth Lucas’ ‘Even If It Kills Me’ here:

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