Premiere: AMVN drops the touching Mother’s Day tribute, ‘Mama Don’t Worry’

Written by Tyler Jenke on 13th May, 2018
Premiere: AMVN drops the touching Mother’s Day tribute, ‘Mama Don’t Worry’

Melbourne’s AMVN has just released the music video his debut single, ‘Mama Don’t Worry’, a touching tribute to mothers all around the world, just in time for Mother’s Day.

The Canadian-born, Perth-raised AMVN (better known to his mates as Aman Bayalty) has been making music for a number of years now, and his creative excursions have seen him working closely with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects as one of their lead campaign managers, producing the NT Song of the Year in 2016, and working alongside the stunning Adelaide R&B artist Adrian Eagle.

Now, having recently dropped his debut single, ‘Mama Don’t Worry’, which serves as a soulful tribute to both Aman’s mother, and all mothers everywhere, this hugely talented musician has dropped the moving video for the new track.

Produced by RMR Productions and FO Productions, the clip for ‘Mama Don’t Worry’ shows AMVN heading to his mum’s house as he attempts to surprise her with flowers and a choir on her doorstep. Touching and emotional, both the track and the video pay tribute to the mothers around the world who give so much, often with no expectation of reward, as they fight to protect and nurture the ones close to them.

“It’s important that we appreciate women and that we appreciate the amount of effort they put in, especially mothers, just to make our lives that much better,” explained AMVN of the track and the video’s concept. “I want to acknowledge my mother and the struggles she went through to take care of us.”

Coming from a strict Islamic upbringing, and openly addressing his life struggles in his music, the inspiration for ‘Mama Don’t Worry’ comes from some darker family experiences which AMVN credits his mother as having saved them from, and bringing them into the more positive situation they are today. Needless to say, this track is a fitting tribute for someone is arguably one of the most important people in AMVN’s life.

Check out the clip for AMVN’s ‘Mama Don’t Worry’ below, and maybe give this one a bit of a play while you’re out visiting your mum for Mother’s Day today.

Check out AMVN’s heart-warming ‘Mama Don’t Worry’:

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