Pearl Jam members have been snubbed from their Hall Of Fame plaque

Written by Bianca Davino on 24th May, 2018
Pearl Jam members have been snubbed from their Hall Of Fame plaque

Pearl Jam were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2017, celebrating their immense impact on the landscape of modern rock music, 25 years on from the release of their debut smash Ten. 

Prior to the induction, the band released a statement inviting all past drummers of the band, releasing a handwritten letter on Twitter saying, “We do feel fortunate to be recognized and provided the opportunity to reunite with everyone who has been part of the group. Specifically, the drummers who all left their distinctive mark on our band in the pre-Matt Cameron years. ”

Now, a Pearl Jam fan has taken to Reddit to reveal that the band’s former drummers Dave Abbruzzese and Jack Irons have been omitted from the plaque awarded to the band upon their entrance.

Pearl Jam Hall Of Fame

Fans have taken to the thread to express their disappointment at the exclusion, with one saying, “It’s criminal that Krusen was inducted but Abbruzzese wasn’t.” “Yep. It really sours the whole thing for me, to be honest” said another.

Abruzzese took to Facebook last year to note his disdain for the ceremony, saying “I have always thought that every award given to a band that celebrates the band’s lifetime achievements should be awarded to every person that was ever a debt-incurring, life-sacrificing, blood-spilling member of that band,”

“Maybe the Hall should reevaluate the need to put all the monkeys in the same cage in order to boost revenue, and instead let the history of the band be fully and completely represented as they were and as they are”

It was revealed earlier this week that the band had “partly written” a handful of songs for their new album, with Jeff Ament saying, “We still need to record it; we haven’t really recorded anything. But [there are] a lot of ideas.”

“We’ve sort of been telling ourselves that we weren’t gonna put a ton of pressure on the situation,” Ament continued. “We really wanna make something great, and we wanna have the freedom to live with some of these ideas for a while and then maybe record them in a different way.”

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