Patrick Stump is composing the score for a new ‘Alice in Wonderland’ short film

Written by Geordie Gray on 19th July, 2018
Patrick Stump is composing the score for a new ‘Alice in Wonderland’ short film

Patrick Stump has signed on to the short film Wonderland, a modern interpretation of the classic Lewis Carrol story Alice In Wonderland.

Patrick will compose the score for the short film, slated to begin production next month. This isn’t Patrick’s first composition rodeo, he’s previously worked on music for Gnome Alone and the soon to be released Changeland. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Stump states “When you’re doing a score, it’s kind of like acting, really, because you have to get in the head of a character, whereas with Fall Out Boy, if I’m writing a song, I’m going to have to get on stage every night and sing that. It’s really for me. Writing a song is more — not selfish, but you’re focused on what you would want, whereas in a film you’re just focused on telling the story.”

The short will be directed by Jessica Sherif, it is set in Hollywood and aims to further the conversation about gender inequality in the entertainment industry.

This isn’t the first emo inspired Alice In Wonderland soundtrack, check out why we think the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack is an emo masterpiece here.

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