Panic! At The Disco launch their own human rights foundation

Written by Bianca Davino on 29th June, 2018
Panic! At The Disco launch their own human rights foundation

Panic! At The Disco have so often provided fans with a sanctuary of creativity to immerse themselves in – for the outsiders who’ve felt like their place exists beyond the world they’ve been placed within.

Witnessing our heroes give back and use their resources to work towards the greater good of humanity is always inspiring. Whether it’s speaking out about mental illness or creating safe spaces for us to all enjoy music, the smallest actions can often feel hugely compassionate.

Now, the band announced the launch of their very own human rights foundation called, Highest Hopes Foundationwhich is described as being dedicated to people and communities who face discrimination and injustice on a daily basis.

The band announced the launch this morning over Twitter, in a tweet that said the band are aiming to “fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

“All of you show me strength, courage + motivation & as a result, it felt important to create something to show you that I see the wonderful things you’re doing out there in the world. With that being said, I want to join in on the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

“This is dedicated to all people + communities who are subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation + gender identity,” said the band in a tweet.

The Highest Hopes Foundation’s first endeavour will be donating $1 from every US ticket sold on their current Pray For The Wicked tour.

The foundation is named after the Pray For The Wicked track ‘High Hopes’, which details Brendon’s struggles throughout his life and his constant persistence to push for his dreams – much like the track, we;re sure the foundation will inspire many to find their feet and voice with the help of the support they need.

Panic! released their sixth album Pray For The Wicked last Friday to rave reviews from fans and critics alike – we made the claim to declare it is in fact Panic!’s most creative and accomplished album to date.

Watch Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It’:

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