Panic! At The Disco have smashed a sales record held by a legendary act

Written by Bianca Davino on 3rd July, 2018
Panic! At The Disco have smashed a sales record held by a legendary act

It’s fair to say the world is currently hypnotised under the enchanting spell of Panic! At The Disco. After more than ten years of dominating the charts, and capturing the imagination of fans worldwide, it looks like Panic! have continued their stride with their sixth album Pray For The Wicked, released last Friday.

The band of heroes have scored their second Number 1 on the Billboard charts, selling 180,000 total copies in its first week of release. According to Billboard, This means the band have broken the record for best sales week for an alternative rock album since U2’s Songs of Experience in December 2017 – that’s right, Panic! have broken a record formally held by one of the most universally adored bands of all time.

Panic! last topped the Billboard charts with Death Of A Bachelor in 2016, with 2013’s Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die coming in at Number 2. Pray is also receiving its fair share of love in Australia as well, coming in at Number 1 on the ARIA charts.

Panic! recently launched their very own human rights foundation named the Highest Hopes Foundation which is described as being dedicated to people and communities who face discrimination and injustice on a daily basis.

“All of you show me strength, courage + motivation & as a result, it felt important to create something to show you that I see the wonderful things you’re doing out there in the world. With that being said, I want to join in on the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves,” said the band in a tweet.

Watch Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It’:

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