NSW tradie pisses off abortion clinic protesters by blasting heavy metal

Written by Tyler Jenke on 18th June, 2018
NSW tradie pisses off abortion clinic protesters by blasting heavy metal

A New South Wales tradesman has become an unlikely hero of countless Aussies after footage has emerged of him blasting heavy metal tunes from his car in an effort to upset protesters at a Surry Hills abortion clinic.

You might recall how earlier this month, NSW parliament passed a law which will place a 150-metre safe access zones about abortion clinics and hospitals that provide this service. This basically means that if anyone wants to protest a person’s right to choose by getting all up in their face, they can be looking at between six months to a year behind bars.

However, because this law doesn’t come into effect until next month, it means that it hasn’t stopped a number of Sydney protesters from trying their best to harass the emotionally-vulnerable, leading to one tradesman deciding he’s had enough of their antics.

As Junee reports, footage taken on Friday morning shows a construction worker outside a clinic in Surry Hills attempting to shut up protesters by cranking Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ from his car stereo at top volume.

god bless the tradie that rolled up to the abortion clinic this morning and started blasting Drowning Pool to piss off the protesters

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“The tradie was there and we had a chat to him about what we were doing,” explained University of Sydney Women’s Officer Madeleine Ward, who was volunteering by escorting patients into the clinic, to Junkee. “The protestors started singing ‘Silent Night’, and he was like ‘fuck that’, so he turned up the stereo in his car.”

“The protestors got a bit irate, and shouted through the barrier ‘turn it down’.”

Sadly, after protesters used some sort of twisted logic, they decided to call the fuzz on the tradie, who asked the hero of the hour to turn down his tunes.

While the tradesman hasn’t spoken publicly about his valiant efforts in shutting down they pesky protesters, we can only hope that he’s at least scored himself an extra-long smoko in honour of efforts.

Check out Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’:

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