NSW Govt axes TAFE fees for 100,000 apprentices

Written by Poppy Reid on 18th June, 2018
NSW Govt axes TAFE fees for 100,000 apprentices

Australia is experiencing an apprenticeship drought, according to the NSW State Government.

That’s right, the nation is undergoing a major skills shortage in industries like health care, construction, and hospitality, with just 80,000 apprentices in NSW. The Government believes that in the hospitality industry alone, there will be a skills shortage of 75,000 people in the next five years.

That’s why tomorrow’s budget announce will feature an allocation of $285 million for a new scheme that will remove TAFE fees for all apprenticeships.

As reported by the ABC, TAFE fees for 100,000 apprentices will be axed, with Deputy Premier and Skills Minister John Barilaro saying it will save students around $2,000 per course.

“We’ve heard that even a $2,000 fee seems to be a disincentive, therefore we’re removing the disincentive to encourage more young people into trades,” said Barilaro.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro MP on white background
Deputy Premier John Barilaro MP

The new scheme is for new students who have not enrolled yet, or students who are currently at TAFE and want to change courses.

“We will make it open right across the board to vocational training providers, TAFE NSW and make sure that we get more tradies into the field […] Whether you want to be a carpenter, pastry cook or hairdresser, if it’s an apprenticeship in NSW you’ll be eligible for fee free,” Barilaro added.

The scheme kicks off July 1 2018.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine