NSW Government announces $100,000 funding pool for female TV directors

Written by Nathan Jolly on 20th June, 2018
NSW Government announces $100,000 funding pool for female TV directors

An important initiative with the aim of bringing more female directors to television was announced today.

#SheDirects was helmed by Richel Griffiths, actor/director/writer Leah Purcell, and Minister for the Arts Don Harwin. A $100,000 fund has been earmarked to fund up to four one-hour television projects with a female director and at least another female in the key creative team.

“Initiatives like #SheDirects are critical to help bring down barriers for women in the screen industry”, said Rachel Griffiths. “Australia has always led the world in female participation in this universally male-dominated industry. I commend Minister Harwin for continuing these game-changing projects that will keep our industry in world’s best practice.”

“As the country’s leading state for film and television, we are committed to supporting the best female talent that Australia has to offer in key creative roles,” Mr Harwin said.

“The industry has made excellent progress and #SheDirects will give even further impetus to ensuring gender is no barrier to achievement in this diverse sector.

“In NSW we have incredible female screen talent in-front and behind the camera. It’s important that merit comes before any other factor in a person’s ambition to succeed.

Applications are open until August 5.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine