My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Black Parade Is Dead!’ turns 10 today

Written by Georgia Moloney on 1st July, 2018
My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Black Parade Is Dead!’ turns 10 today

To close out The Black Parade era, emo icons My Chemical Romance released The Black Parade Is Dead!, a live CD/DVD. The theatrical performance of The Black Parade in full was filmed at a show in Mexico City in 2007.

The Black Parade era was significant for a lot of people. The record dropped in the prime of Myspace, Scene culture and emo in general. Kids everywhere were lining their eyes with black and sweeping their fringes to the side. Wearing all black and being “emo” was cool. MCR’s music resonated with adolescents across the world, and the band became emblematic of an alternative subculture so many kids now called home.

My Chemical Romance's 'The Black Parade Is Dead!' turns 10 today
From the Welcome To the Black Parade music video

The theatrics of TBP’s aesthetics are still instantly recognisable. The iconic military jackets worn as the band uniform for that album cycle are still a nostalgic sight reminiscent of days gone by.

To open The Black Parade Is Dead!, Gerard was wheeled out onto the stage on a gurney and hospital gown. A GURNEY. Though it’s a record about sadness and death, The Black Parade still managed to garner mainstream success. My Chemical Romance’s position as a band who welcomed the misfits, outcasts and fucked up kids of the world made them a safe place for people who didn’t feel like they ‘fit in’.

The sound of the crowd singing along to Welcome To The Black Parade, arguably the most iconic emo anthem of our generation, is shiver inducing. Even people who weren’t emo seem to know this song, and it’s very cool to watch a live DVD and know that the song is still as significant 10 years later.

The entire show is insane, with wild production complimenting the stellar performance of the band. It’s nostalgic, wonderful, and reminds us how much we miss My Chemical Romance. If only time travel was a thing.

WATCH: The Black Parade Is Dead! in full:

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