Music retailer Allans Billy Hyde has collapsed

Written by Geordie Gray on 23rd June, 2018
Music retailer Allans Billy Hyde has collapsed

Australian music retailer Allans Billy Hyde has entered voluntary administration.

The past few months have seen a chain of store closures. Including the Alexandria, Southport (QLD) and Windsor (QLD) stores, which all shut their doors over the most recent June long weekend.

The company has a history of poor retail conditions, which have been blamed for the business folding. In 2012, the outlets parent company Australian Music Group Holdings, was placed into receivership; with $3 million owed in entitlements to staff.

MusicFeeds reports that a number of employees are owed thousands of dollars of unpaid wages; two former employees are owed up to $22,186.37.

Administrators have stated that their assignment to Allans Billy Hyde was merely due to the company being a victim of the “tough retail market”.

The only Allans Billy Hyde store that is still trading is in Melbourne’s Bourke Street.

The article was originally published on The Industry Observer