Melbourne’s Chasers Nightclub to become a live music venue once again

Written by Tyler Jenke on 4th June, 2018
Melbourne’s Chasers Nightclub to become a live music venue once again

Iconic Melbourne nightclub Chasers has been alive and kicking for close to 40 years, but now the famed nightspot is set to once again play host to live bands for the first time in many years.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Chapel Street’s Chasers was known to many Melbourne music fans as one of the many venues in which they could catch some of their favourite live bands. Acts such as Sonic Youth, Weddings Parties Anything, Hunters & Collectors, Regurgitator, and TISM were just some of the acts that graced the stage back in the day thanks to the venue’s Club Go Fast.

However, after a couple of decades away from the live music scene and serving primarily as a nightclub, Chasers is set to once again hold live music with the launch of Three Eight Six.

Named after its street address, The Music reports that the venue is set to play host to local and international bands from next month, with up to 700 people able to fit into one of the state’s few locations with a 24-hour licence.

“Chasers is a Melbourne institution and we love connecting with people and hearing their stories about the venue,” explained co-owner Martha Tsamis.

“This venue will fill one of the key missing pieces in the Victorian live music jigsaw puzzle,” confirmed Patrick Donovan, CEO of Music Victoria.

“Chasers has a proud tradition of supporting contemporary music, and I enjoyed seeing many bands at its weekly rock night Outlaw Hard N Fast. Even Mick Jagger turned up one night to check out the talent.”

Three Eight Six is set to hold its first concert on July 6th, with local legends Amyl And The Sniffers doing the honours of christening the new stage.

Check out Amyl And The Sniffers’ ‘Cup Of Destiny’:

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