Meat Loaf is going on tour, but he won’t be singing

Written by Geordie Gray on 3rd July, 2018
Meat Loaf is going on tour, but he won’t be singing

Meat Loaf has just announced a headline tour, but the 70-year-old musician will be doing no singing. Instead, vocal duties with be handed to American Idol winner Caleb Johnson.

American Idol winner Caleb Johnson

According to The Sun “Meat Loaf is concerned he isn’t up to some of the bigger numbers after losing his voice a couple of years ago. He’s been relying on pre-recorded vocal tracks for a while but doesn’t want to face accusations of miming on a huge tour, so is passing the baton on to Caleb, who he’s a big fan of. Instead his involvement will be telling stories of how he met Jim Steinman, who he’s worked with since the Seventies, and other anecdotes. But the singing will be left to Caleb.”

Details surrounding the upcoming tour will be released with the next week.

Whilst you’re here, why not revisit that iconic Meat Loaf performance from the 2011 AFL grand final:

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