Matty Healy just gave Hayley Williams the cutest compliment

Written by Bianca Davino on 2nd June, 2018
Matty Healy just gave Hayley Williams the cutest compliment

In the small chance you’ve been living under a rock, The 1975 returned yesterday with an incredible new track ‘Give Yourself A Try’, announcing the release of their upcoming album, ‘A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships’ set for a release this October.

To accompany the emo-tinged indie-rock burner, in the most 1975 fashion, the band dropped a highly conceptual and aesthetic video, revealing the band’s new look to usher fans into what’s being touted as the ‘Music For Cars’ era.

Check it out for yourself:

In the video, frontman Matty Healy sports a striking new do – a firey mop of bright orange hair. Fans immediately took to Twitter to share their thoughts, pretty much instantly comparing the look to Hayley Williams’ iconic orange do she’s sported at multiple times over Paramore’s career.

While the comparisons were mostly hilarious, Hayley quickly jumped to Matty’s defence, calling for fans to “let him be”, recommending that if ever needed new dye, he could always hit her up for a free bottle of Good Dye Young. Matty, flattered responded by calling Hayley an a “constant inspiration” and an “emo legend” (we’re crying).

Seeing our favourite artists support each other is quite possibly the most heartwarming experience on earth. Paramore recently announced their very own ‘Paraoke’ competition, in which they’re encouraging fans to send in their own renditions of ‘Rose Coloured Boy’. The top prize winner will be flown out to the last date of the After Laughter Summer Tour so time to get jazzy everyone!

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