Massive 1.8kg ‘Avozillas’ just hit Australian stores

Written by Nathan Jolly on 11th July, 2018
Massive 1.8kg ‘Avozillas’ just hit Australian stores

How do you solve the avocado crisis currently hitting brunches all around our country?

By producing and selling massive 1kg-1.8kg avocados – known as Avozillas due to their size.

David Grove, from the Groves Grown Tropical Fruit in QLD has the monopoly on these beasts, after planting 400 trees four years ago.

“We were amazed to see how big the fruit got. We were very pleased with the size”, Grove told news.com.au.

“1.2kg is quite average for an Avozilla. We do have smaller ones and the biggest one was 1.8kg, but that one was a bit of an outlier.

“They’re a very small market. We’re only selling a few boxes a week and we’ve sold through wholesale markets, limiting it to Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

“There’s an awful lot of excitement but I’m not confident that will translate into commercial success. The sort of money you have to get for these fruits will put a lot of people off. There will always be Avozillas but it’s just a matter of supply.”

They go for about $12 a pop.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine