Looks like Twenty One Pilots have dropped a few hints about their new album

Written by Bianca Davino on 15th May, 2018
Looks like Twenty One Pilots have dropped a few hints about their new album

,Just last month a few clued-in TOP fanatics took to Twitter to unveil a seriously cryptic theory that pointed pretty directly at when we could expect to hear new music from the band. Most of us sat for hours, ruminating over the possibilities the theory left us with – would new music arrive that week? Was it all purely a coincidence? Has this all been meticulously planned since TOP’s inception?

It’s been almost a month since we saught after definitions of “Dema” and clutched our copies of Blurryface with all our might scraping it for any sign of hope – this hiatus will eventually drive us insane.

Now, the latest update comes in the form of a new post on dmaorg.info, revealing a text that further explains just what “Dema” is. If we give you a quick refresher, during Josh Dunn’s APMA’s acceptance speech, he said that Tyler wasn’t present as he was “cutting ties with Dema”.

The full letter reads:

“To refer to Dema as my home has never felt accurate. Dema, to me, has simply been the place that I’ve existed, or, the ‘slot’ they’ve put me in. I’ve heard stories about the idea of ‘home,’ and its depiction has always seemed warm from the storyteller’s description. There was a realistic ownership of the place they inhabited that I admired, but could never relate to. This place, my place, however, seems devoid of the romance and wonder that the old stories tell. But, somewhere between the iron order and infallible precision of Dema, a hum of wonder exists, It’s the quiet wonder that my mind tends to gets lost in. This hope of discovery alone has birthed a new version of myself; a better version, I hope, that will find a way to experience what’s beyond these colossal walls.


Some nifty fans have pointed out the there are a few letters missing from the notes, that spell out “you are still sleeping.” From the looks of things so far, it seems as though whatever TOP release next will follow a trilogy pattern the band have established since the release of Vessel. The note is also dated with “17 06MOON 07”, that if rearranged become 06/07/17 – the day TOP announced their hiatus, with an image of the lyrics to ‘Car Radio’.

We’re still confused and growing ever impatient. Our brains hurt from the constant sleuthing and unpacking of clues. But this is TOP – we new an album rollout wouldn’t be easy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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