Lily Allen opens up about her mum’s encounter with Harvey Weinstein

Written by Tyler Jenke on 20th June, 2018
Lily Allen opens up about her mum’s encounter with Harvey Weinstein

With the news today that Australia is launching a world-first inquiry into workplace sexual harassment, it’s rather fitting that Lily Allen’s recent interview with Andrew Denton aired on Channel 7 last night, with the singer touching upon the topic of Harvey Weinstein, and how his alleged actions also involved her mother.

Appearing on Andrew Denton’s Interview last night, Lily Allen added to the claims against Harvey Weinstein, recalling an incident that happened to her mother, film producer Alison Owen, many years ago.

While Allen explained that she had known Harvey Weinstein ever since she was a baby due to her mother’s line of work, she noted that she “never suspected” the allegations that have since been brought against him.

“I always thought he was a bit of an odd character, but I definitely didn’t think that what was allegedly going on was going on,” Allen began. “My mum’s worked quite closely with Harvey, she’s done lots- several films with him.”

Lily Allen Describes A Harrowing Moment With Harvey Weinstein

Lily Allen describes a harrowing experience her mum Alison Owen, an accomplished film producer, had with disgraced Hollywood tycoon Harvey Weinstein. -Watch full episodes of #InterviewAU here: https://7plus.com.au/IVEW

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Allen then went on to share an experience that her mother allegedly had while in a screening room with Weinstein, watching Meg Ryan’s first on-screen nude scene as part of the film In The Cut.

“It was just my mum and Harvey in a screening room, and just when Meg Ryan was getting her clothes off, she heard this sort of grunting noise from behind her and it was Harvey pleasuring himself in a dark room with my mum sitting in front of him,” she revealed.

“She would have been in her mid-twenties at the time, so quite a scary and intimidating experience for her to go through, and she kept working with him.”

“I guess that goes to show how powerful he was, like she didn’t feel she could say anything at the time.”

Harvey Weinstein has been considered the impetus for the recent movements which have seen a number of artists, including R. Kelly and the recently-deceased XXXTentacion being temporarily removed from streaming services such as Spotify due to allegations of their previous behaviour.

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