Koala takes the piss out of IKEA with new billboard

Written by Geordie Gray on 8th August, 2018
Koala takes the piss out of IKEA with new billboard

Koala may just be the finest shit-stirrers in the advertising game. You may remember their billboard campaign last year, that took aim at De Rucci bedding specialists. A satirical ad claiming Koala mattresses to be “Australia’s least pretentious”. Well they’re at it again, this time firing shots at IKEA.

The new billboard has just gone up directly outside Tempe’s IKEA branch. It takes aim at IKEA’s painful assembly process. I could go into more detail but you should just marvel at the ingenuity yourself:


A spokesperson for the brand had this to say:

“There is a lot we take from Ingvar’s vision and apply it to what we are trying to achieve here at Koala. “Create a better everyday life for the many people” … one with 4-hour delivery, 4-minute assembly and no tools, of course. As we add furniture products to our offering, we realised that even though we love IKEA, the experience can be frustrating. The walking around the store, the relationship-ruining assembly, and having to chuck it out when you move house.We want to change the way everyday Aussies buy furniture and celebrate Australian design at the same time.”


The article was originally published on Brag Magazine