Keith Richards inspired the name behind this Trump-Russia investigation

Written by Bianca Davino on 17th May, 2018
Keith Richards inspired the name behind this Trump-Russia investigation

Music and politics are inherently intertwined. From early folk protest tunes to anti-authoritarian punk, artists have constantly used politics as a springboard for ideas. Now, it seems the FBI have flipped the switch, taking influence from Keith Richards to name a Trump-Russia investigation.

A New York Times article revealed yesterday, the latest investigation into Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. The story revealed that prior to the election, it was known by the name ‘Crossfire Hurricane’. For those reading, well acquainted with the Stones’ back-catalogue, would’ve picked up on the fact that ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ is indeed a reference to the 1969 classic ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’.

An accompanying story explained just how the iconic guitarist inspired the naming, saying that in Keith’s book, Keith Richards: The Biography it is written that he was born “amid the bombing and air raid sirens of Dartford, England, in 1943 at the height of World War II”.

If you were wondering whether the investigation has dug up any further dirt on Trump, you might be out of luck. The investigation is now run by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and is no longer known by that code name, and although it hasn’t impacted Trump directly, it has brought charges against former Trump campaign officials and more than a dozen Russians.

It was also recently revealed that Richards once tried to “get rid” of Donald Trump by sticking a rusty blade through a table back in 1989, after it was revealed the then businessman was the promoter of the band’s show in Atlantic City.

“I got out my trusty blade, stuck it in the table and said: ‘You have to get rid of this man,'” Richards said. He continued, “Now America has to get rid of him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you”, he continued to BBC – we’re sure Richards would be over the moon to hear he was the inspiration behind an investigation to take down Trump’s dodgy ties.

The article was originally published on Tone Deaf