Justin Bieber would make a teacher’s salary in six hours [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by Poppy Reid on 5th June, 2018
Justin Bieber would make a teacher’s salary in six hours [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that the top-earning musicians earn substantially higher incomes than the average income earner, but a new infographic out of the US shows just how significant that difference is.

Former startup marketer Ryan Harrell, who runs musician resource site MIDINation where he shares insights on music marketing, has mapped how much time 25 acts would take to make average salaries.

In the infographic below, Harrell uses the 2017 Forbes Highest Paid Musicians list to compare incomes from artists like Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Metallica, Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen with the average salaries (as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics) of six different professions:

  1. Minimum wage workers

  2. Truck drivers

  3. Elementary School Teachers

  4. Registered Nurses

  5. Real Estate Brokers

  6. Software developers

According to Harrell’s study and visual, Beyonce would make an average teacher’s annual salary in just five hours.

Meanwhile with an annual income of US$130M, Diddy made US$14,840/hour in 2017. That’s 2,046x the minimum wage/hour, meaning he would make minimum wage in just 61 minutes, and earn as much as a software developer in ??8 hours and 24 m???????inutes.

Justin Bieber, who earned US$83.5m in 2017 according to Forbes (aka US$9,531 an hour) would earn the annual salary of a real estate broker in just over 8 hours, the annual salary of a truck driver in 4 hours and 20 minutes, and the annual salary of an elementary teacher in just over 6 hours.

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The article was originally published on The Industry Observer